I'm always looking toward the home of the future with significant automation and integration. This probably stems from my fondness for Science Fiction and love of gadgets. This has led me to integrating a lot of technololgy in our house. Nothing truly high end that requires a dealer to install like Savant, Crestron, or AMX. Neither am I at the level where I do a lot of custom building or coding. Instead I integrate a lot of different commercially available components or systems to automate the home and provide for operation and support of the house.

This website exists because I'm frequently getting questions about how I did something or what does this look like in your house. Therefore I decided to create this website in order to document what I've done. I plan on discussing what I did during building the house that made some of this easier, power systems, lighting control systems, control systems, audio systems, video systems, networking and sensors. I will not be discussing security systems, or at least the ones I'm using - call me paranoid, but I believe it is not the best idea to discuss specifics of how you protect your house on the outside chance someone could find it.

I started and published the first version of this page in Aug 2013, but I've not bee very happy with the limitations of the tools I've been using. While I can hand code a good portion of the site, I was more interested in getting the site running than spending the time getting everything coded myself. I was using Sandvox, a basic template based web page builder but the lack of multilevel menus and support for tables made it more than frustrating. I spent some time trying to hack in CSS menus, but that didn't go so well. It's actually pretty good for something simple, but I wanted more control. This year I had to change webhosts, so I decided that I would come back and update prior to the transition. I had previously tried version 4 of Flux but it's implementation of "Master" elements (elements you could code ones and use on multiple pages and changes would sync - such as menus) didn't work so well. Well version 5 of Flux was just released and it seems to work better so I'm trying it out to revise the site.


When I discuss components or systems I've integrated I may link to them on Amazon or other reputable site, this serves as notice that links to Amazon include my referrer ID.