My home office is my get away spot, and in addition to my books and computers, I have a lot of A/V equipment. Most is over in my enterntainment center and rack with the exception of the Lilliput monitor. That monitor is a small 8" monitor that I sometimes use to watch TV on while working at my workstation. The Slingbox I use to watch TV around the house and garage on my iPad and occassionally on my workstation. The table below lists the equipment in my office with the second column showing how control through iMasterControl is implemented for that component, the third column shows how control is implemented through Roomie.

Office Components
Component iMC Method Roomie Method
Denon AVR-3808CI iTach IP2IR Direct IP
AppleTV 3 iTach IP2IR iTach IP2IR
DirecTV HR44 iTach IP2SL Direct IP
Sony Playstation 3 iTach IP2IR + PS3IR-1000 iTach IP2IR + PS3IR-1000
Sony Playstation 4 N/A N/A
Samsung UN55D7000 iTach IP2IR iTach IP2IR
Slingbox 350 App/Web Browser App/Web Browser
DirecTV C41 DirecTV RF Remote DirecTV RF Remote
LILLIPUT 869GL-80NP Monitor Lilliput Remote Lilliput Remote

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Below is a gallery including contol layouts, screenshots and some pictures of my office. Note that for the Roomie diagram, I've left in the existing IR lines used for iMasterControl, but have greyed out the ones that are not used (i.e. the ones indicating a method of DirectIP). Something to note is how Roomie allows me to have a pop up of my home automation controller. I would prefer closer integration, but this is nice being able to change lighting without leaving the app. Update: Roomie has since integrated my home automation controller into the software. I’m not a huge fan of the implementation, but it does work.